Project Details

Client: Bondi Home

Date: September 1, 2014

They say the magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave and even better to come back and that is exactly what this family wanted to create when they purchased their Bondi home and prepared to renovate. Like Marilyn Monroe, this 1920’s Californian-style bungalow was born with the bone structure to be a great beauty. From the outset, it was important the design reflect their personal journey as individuals along with celebrating their journey as a family. Using a limited colour palette of white walls and black floors, a minimalist canvas was created to tell their story. Sentimental accents captured from holiday photographs, cherished books, artwork and various pieces collected over the years from their travels added the layers and dimension to the home.
Architrave sides in the hallway and cutout reveals were painted in high-gloss black adding contrast and depth to the space. Bathroom renovations followed the black a white theme incorporating black marble with white vein accents and exotic greenery was used throughout the home – both inside and out, adding a lushness reminiscent of time spent in the tropics. Like this family, this home has grown with a 3rd stage now in production - watch this space for more...

Credits: Photography by Deen Hameed Photography, Architects Graphio AM & for stage 3 Arch Media Solutions, furniture by King Living, Camerich, Stylecraft, lighting by Euroluce.
Suppliers: Dulux, Reece Bathrooms, Nefiko Marble, Designer Twins (black & gold striped pots)



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